REPEAT PERFORMANCE (formerly Regina’s Song)

Music was passion.
Sex was power . . .
                    but love was the seductive melody.

Once Regina had no one, nothing. Overnight her star rose. As lead singer of Majesty, she won it all –fame, money, power and love!

But love, like Majesty self-destructed. Cord, the man who possessed her soul, refused to forgive or forget. She married Mike, made her place in the limelight. She had everything, until Majesty came back together for the reunion concert that would rock the nation.

From New York to Las Vegas, from idea to opening night, swept up into the dazzle, the pain, the passion of stars who made music for a living and love for more reasons than pleasure, Regina risked it all. Suddenly she was back in Cord Crocker’s arms, and the music began–all over again.



Dell paperback

Knight Knight