Roundtable Reading of the Play in Melbourne

A group of dedicated and talented performers worked with us all week in Melbourne around a table, singing the score and acting the various characters so that the creative team could hear the scenes and score, fix what we need to fix, and work through the places where underscore is needed and how long it needs to be. This process creates the stitches that hold the fabric of the piece together.  It’s been a glorious time in fabulous Melbourne!

Sharleen-Cooper-Cohen-e1313097558631 Kenny-Hirsch-e1313097474707-764x1024

James-Bell-reading-Gutierrez-and-ensemble-e1313097678210-764x1024 Gareth-Keegan-reading-Zack-e1313097660566-764x1024

Douglas-Simon-and-Robin-at-work1-e1313097383673-1024x764 Alex-Rathberger-reading-Sid1-e1313097357153-764x1024

Zahra-Newman-reading-Seegar-and-ensemble-e1313097550604-764x1024 Kate-Kendall-reading-Lynette-Esther-and-ensemble-e1313097446733-764x1024

Robin-Lerner-e1313097505546-764x1024 Melle-Stewart-reading-Paula-e1313097487253-764x1024