A romantic fable . . .

“The Adobe Theatre Company’s amiable spoof of all things fifties, from lounge acts to monster movies to overwrought dream sequences. Mike Maraschino (Gregory Jackson) meets the girl of his dreams (Erin Quinn Purcell) after his singing debut at a night club called the Pearl Onion. But the fact that he has an uncontrollable secret urge leads to an escalating farce that includes a very funny twist on the kiss-a-frog-meet-a-prince fairy tale. The cast is charming, the design (by Sarah Foran and Chris Muller) is just right (and just over the top), and the direction, by Mr. Jackson, Ms. Purcell, and Jeremy Dobrish, is not overwhelming–a big step in the right direction for Adobe.”

The New Yorker – November 3, 1997

“Another welcome act of subversion by the downtown troupe the Adobe Theater Company. “Duet!” is a stiletto-sharp spoof of American dating rituals that somehow never manages to seem crass or nasty. What Adobe pulls off in this delightful piece, written and directed by its two stars, Erin Quinn Purcell and Gregory Jackson, is no small feat: parodying the conventions of theater, television and film and, at the same time, honoring them. Whether the scene calls for a roller coaster ride or a romantic walk in the woods, “Duet!” twists the obvious in unexpected ways and mines every incident for laughs. Ms. Purcell and Mr. Jackson are excellent as the uncertain young lovers, and are ably assisted by an effervescent, inventive young cast.”

The New York Times – November 7, 1997


Presented by The Adobe Theatre Company
Written and Directed by Gregory Jackson and Erin Quinn Purcell
Co-Directed by Jeremy Dobrish

Derin Basden, Henry Caplan, Frank Ensenberger, Gregory Jackson,
Chris Klimkoski, Kathryn Langwell, Erin Quinn Purcell, Beau Ruland


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