By Sharleen Cooper Cohen

(Risky Business meets Pretty Woman)

Wendy Rosen, a sweet, smart attractive, virginal 18 year old college freshman is about to be date raped via a roofie by the school’s football hero.

Sam Weiss, Wendy’s elderly grandfather who was a big time movie producer and director, is still handsome and tall, but since the passing of his beloved wife, he desperately needs a woman…and not an older one.

Natasha is a traffic stopping gorgeous, tall and perfectly built Russian hooker just off the plane. Her dream is to follow the path of her hero, Marilyn Monroe, to Hollywood stardom, but without the sad ending.

Sam is about to get arrested for his behavior with a waitress, the call to Wendy gets her out of her dangerous situation as she rushes to Sam’s aid, as her uptight diplomat parents are over sea on government business.

Sam’s caregiver enlists Wendy to procure a hooker for Sam, and with her boyhood friend Flip, she enters the world of the Russian mob and enlists Natasha.

One date with Natasha is not enough for Sam, who now wants a weekly dose of happiness. But Sam thinks Natasha costs 50 bucks like the old days, not the $1000 a pop in the 21st Century.

Wendy devices an art scheme to Pay for Natasha, the Russian mob thinks Sam is Natasha’s new pimp, Wendy’s parents plan a surprise visit, Wendy plans revenge on the jock and all hell breaks loose!