A New Play by Sharleen Cooper Cohen

How did Marilyn Monroe die? One of the most debated questions of modern times. It can be argued that Marilyn Monroe was the most famous person in the last fifty years. But until now, every dramatic depiction of her has avoided the question of her death. Did she commit suicide? Did she take an accidental drug over-dose. Did her doctors administer too many medications? Or was she murdered?

The world has not lost its fascination with Marilyn, and since her death on August 2nd, 1962, much has been revealed about the details of her love affairs, her battles with the studio, the infamous scandals surrounding her, the ups and downs of her marriages and the dangerous acquaintances in her life. And though we may be familiar with these details of her life, this play introduces you to a Marilyn Monroe you’ve never seen. For the first time, learn Marilyn’s own truths.

She was a complex woman born into a family with a history of mental illness, but she had a self directed vision, countered by insecurities, tempered by sweetness, and honed by a razor sharp fury.

Tens of thousands of people world wide have debated one subject. How did she die?

This play not only provides the definitive reply to this controversy, but it allows this brilliantly talented woman to speak in her own words. And it answers the ultimate question.

Who Killed Marilyn?