Love, passion, political upheaval, sexism, jealousy, infidelity, revenge, murder . . . SHEBA HAS IT ALL!

In 960 BCE, the legendary Ni-caul, Queen of Sheba travels halfway across the world to meet the great King Solomon and propose a trade agreement she desperately needs to protect her nation from invaders. In exchange for a protective alliance, she offers the King untold wealth from the spice trade monopoly she controls.

Soon after their initial meeting, the two rulers discover an equality of intellect and spirit. They fall in love but the forces of jealousy, hatred and distrust erupt. The Israelites see the Queen and her people as radical: sexually free, feminist, and progressive in thought and theory. Conversely, Ni-caul and her Sabaeans are strongly opposed to the patriarchal regime of Solomon and the Israelites. Political and emotional tensions escalate to a fever pitch throughout. Yet much is to be learned from each other’s cultures and moral codes. There is so much to gain, but for some, so much to lose.

Maat, Solomon’s royal Egyptian wife, one of a thousand wives, is infuriated by Solomon and Ni-caul’s impending union. If Ni-caul should bear Solomon’s child, it would threaten her son Rheoboam’s claim to the throne. Jealous of the Queen and determined to protect her child’s inheritance, Maat plots to murder Ni-caul and cast the blame on Hiram, Solomon’s closest friend and architect of King Solomon’s new temple.

Ni-caul is put on trial, and the two opposing nations are on the verge of war – forcing Solomon to decide the fate of the woman he loves. How does a King decide?

Book and Lyrics by Sharleen Cooper Cohen
Music by Gary William Friedman


“Ambitious and theatrical! Strong melodies that are truly ravishing!”
~ Martin Gottfried, New York Law Journal

“A torrid love story . . . complete with murder, betrayal and feminism.”
~ Clive Barnes, The New York Post

“Eye-catching entertainment. Sheba is an opulently operatic and intelligent new show.”
~ Lawrence Van Gelder, The New York Times